i decided on you

boys will come and go and some will leave a bigger and deeper mark than others, they’ll whisper sweet nothings into your trembling ear and look you deep into the eyes and share promises they never intend on keeping and they will shatter and tear and break as much as they please, but they don’t care; they’re getting what they want and what they want is some innocent soul to chase them and love them for someone they’re not. boys will come and when they go they will take pieces of you with them, off into the void and they’ll never come back or return those pieces of your once solid heart and body and mind but only if you let them take those pieces. don’t let those boys with the mysterious smirk on their face take those pieces of you with them, don’t let those boys with the sandy blond hair and dreamy eyes kiss you once and then push your head down, please do not let those damned devils take control of you like that; stand up and be bigger than they think, be bigger than they know you are and prove them wrong and when they call you a bitch and a whore for being nothing like the mold-able piece of clay they first thought you were you can flash that manicured middle finger at them and spit in their face because you are much better than being used and molded into different shapes for different boys, you are your own work of art.

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His sheets are softer than yours


please come hold me


I love spontaneous car sex. Like with my boyfriend at the start of our relationship when we were driving through the hills at night and we suddenly started getting really hot for eachother and we couldn’t contain ourselves so he pulled over the car on the side of the road and we fucked in the back.